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Rotten siblings...

Faya just woke me up and asked me to drive her to school. Apparently she dawdled so much this morning that Mum left without her. So I had to drive her to school.
It's nine AM.
Horrible child.
And now I can't get back to sleep.

Kimry gave me this enormous box of stuff that was meant to be a care package, but never got sent - it's got a monkey pillow, and candied mangoes, and juice berries (yum!), and window writers (which are really cool, and we all agree were really not made for kids, but rather bored college students... ;). She also got me a *coughhermionedollcoughcough*, and the garden gnome - we keep picking it up and saying: "Look! It's the Prime Minister of Australia!" ;) - so I put it on my computer, hoping that the two great evil forces might counteract each other.
Have many pretty things other than these. Kimry rocks. :D

Moved my room around - seems that the room is actually twice the size it seemed to be previously. Need to unpack. Really really really need to unpack.
Need to buy new bookshelves. Or something. I already gave away a whole stack of clothes I haven't even looked at in a year. Then I went out and bought some new ones. Damn, but I missed thrift stores. :)

Breakfast time.

Ooh! Finally going to see Spidey tonight! :D

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