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Bad Poetry...

Okay; this is *really* bad, but bear with me. I was blackmailed.

For Keith.

For a soul of nobility,
I would not utter words
of honey
that have no meaning
after convention.

And for a soul of kindness --
I will not flatter.
A man of honour
does not heed or need flattery --
There are shallow truths
and deeper ones,
and swimming deeper waters
was always
more fulfilling.
For us both.

Human beings do wrong,
but your list was brief,
and I cannot quote.
I can only say
what I knew,
what I saw.
Ambition and gentility
beyond your limbs
and state;
A heart of alloyed gold
plated in steel.
Stubbornness to equal that of a toddler,
but even temper of an elder,
and always willing to temper.

I will not be shallow,
but honest I will do:
You were honest.
I cannot speak for your devotion
as I never saw it,
only felt it, fleetingly,
and it burned
Like boiling water.

There were not many days
for this.
Less than I like.

There were wishes for a world
where nobility still matters
and courage is a rarity,
These we shared.

I will not flatter.
I would not be flattered, myself.
But of all the tattered angels,
I ever knew,
you were the only one who ever
kissed me on the head.

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