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I really do know that funerals are for the living. But going completely opposite to the wishes of the deceased seems... indecent, somehow. They gave him an Anglican funeral. *I* was uncomfortable, with this sense that everyone was glaring disapprovingly at me... they usually are... and I have this sense that Keith was quirking his eyebrow at everyone in there. I had to sit on the floor - that many people came.

I hate funerals. And it gets worse every time. They did Bible readings... yeah. Felt outta place. Especially since it all just felt so *wrong*...

I don't know why they waited so long. Why would you give everyone time to greive and accept it and then rip off the band-aid like this? It just makes everyone who isn't stubborn enough to understand their own beliefs enough to feel at peace with it feel miserable again. And everyone was. Nadia's reverted to her state of last week... silent and weepy and bitter. Everyone's just like they were and now we have to go through all this crap again. I feel almost bad that I'm so at peace with it - but they've never seen where he is now... :)

In the hopes of avoiding such unpleasantness in the future... my funeral is to be a large, drunken, party. With ivy and brightly-coloured flowers - and *no*, I repeat NO dead, cut, or otherwise separated flowers. Potted/living only.

And no one is to dress all formally in black. This is expressly forbidden. This will be a casual affair. Everyone is required to wear at least one item of purple. And there will be no sombre Bible-readings, but rather a Karaoke machine, and everyone has to sing. There will be no Country, no Rap, no Hip Hop and no Teeny-Bop Pop music.

There will be dancing. This is mandatory. There will be both Jazz music and Scottish pipes.

This is how it *will* be. So there. :P


(Keith, I'll say this now - I hated your bloody funeral. I almost didn't go; kinda wish I hadn't. But I went anyway. And although everyone else reacted rather predictably - getting even *sadder* than they were before, which I think is rather defeating of the purpose - I spent most of the thing smirking. Especially when they started playing Rankin Family and talking about the PUTS.

I could have lived without all the praying. Your soul doesn't need prayer - you're somewhere doing all the good you couldn't do before because of the limitations of the mundane world. I know better. At least I think I do. That's all that matters. )

Good luck, dude. See you eventually.

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