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I... hate... exams. And... also... book-buyers.
They have this little table set up on the ground floor of the SUB - where they buy back text books. A couple of days ago I was thoroughly ripped off when selling back my English text book. Today I went to sell back some of my more expensive (and essentially useless) Sociology texts, and do you know what they told me? That they had no prices for these particular intro texts because they were so new. He said "they *might* have some value in the fall".

Now, okay, I can forgive him for unintentionally depriving me of... oh... eighty bucks that I desperately needed. I mean, *he* doesn't know I'm not even going to *be* here next fall. But *then*, the little weasel gives me this bright smile and says:

"I can buy 'em wholesale - $14.50."

Fourteen. Fifty.

One of those textbooks was $78.95 - the other was $55.50. And he wants to offer me FOURTEEN FIFTY for the pair.


Sigh. I really need to get the hell out of here.

Sleeeep... only two hours I *can* sleep before PoliSci... o.O

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