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Restless, unhappy, and strange eating habits.

Because she has no printer, Patti asked me to print out this chart, given to her by the mysterious "doctor" who gave her her "pills". I almost told her exactly what I thought about her chart, and her pills, and her "moods", but didn't. Uncharacteristically calm of me. Really, I only didn't because I think she knows what I think, and recently she's been telling anyone who will listen about "how miserable she is" and how "everyone is against her", namely myself and Paul, who are the only ones not polite enough to keep our mouths shut about what a child she's being.
The chart lists things like "change in eating habits", "change in sleep patterns", "unusually high levels of stress", "feelings of worthlessness" as signs of depression.
Well, big fucking deal. We're in freshman year at university. That happens to *everyone*. It's *supposed* to. It's EXAM WEEK. Life sucks for *everyone* right now. I wish *I* could drive home every time *I* was having a shitty week.
I mean, how much more vague can you get? It's like a phone psychic speel.

"You have recently experienced an upheaval in your life. You worry about your significant other. You have feet."
"WOW! You're RIGHT! You really ARE psychic!"

I miss home. I miss Brad and Nadia and Disa and Kimry. And everyone else whose name I cannot, at the moment, due to some fatigue, remember. I miss not having to have a reason to have a conversation. I miss not having a conversation defined as a conversation. I miss people who don't think two am is late. Sleep patterns are not Of The Strong.
Gaelic Oral is on Monday, English is on Tuesday. Gonna die.
And my paid account expires tomorrow. Sigh again. I wonder if it will just delete all my pictures except the default. Is that what it does? I'm not really sure.
(I wonder if Nadia ever used that code... I should call her. Hmm.)
Not feeling like doing any work. Want to waste it effectively. Want X-Files second season at my disposal, especially the One Breath arc. Right now. Fell off the wagon after watching the first season again and now I'm sort of craving it. Or something that I know well. B5 would do, too. Really well, actually.
Damn, I could really go for a B5 marathon right now.
Realized this morning that I didn't go to the post office yesterday. And assuming Kimry sent the package, it'd have been there by yesterday. But now it's Saturday so I have to wait 'til Monday. Gah.
I should probably be studying. But I'm not.
I started re-writing The Peacemaker a couple of days ago. (That, in case anyone is actually wondering, is the "book" I wrote over the course of eight/ninth grade. It was 87 pages long, and I was thirteen - the latter is disturbingly obvious. So I'm re-writing it.) And at least one scene is passable. I like. Though I'm getting into the unfortunate habit of writing all dramatic scenes to "to the tune of" something. The last couple big ones in C vs. E were written to things, though since on the website I can tell people that, it doesn't matter. Love the internet. Allows anyone to get the whole experience. *sigh* No feedback on C vs. E, yet, though. And speaking of C vs. E, I think I'll go try and write some now.

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