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This is your brain. This is your brain after thirty hours of awake.

Me thinking on these sorts of things. (All conversations are paraphrased.)

Okay. Talking to Carolyn again. She says, bad people go to Hell. No matter what. Because that's what happens. Just because. (o.O)
Anyway. I say: "Okay, fine, but what if they don't believe in Hell?"
She says they go anyway.
I say: "Why?"
Her: "Because."
Me: "I don't think you can go somewhere you don't believe exists."
Her: "It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. You'd still go there if you deserved it."
Me: "But you can't get into Heaven if you don't believe in it, right?"
Her: *shrug* "Yeah, I guess..."
Me: *moment of contemplation* "So... the big pretty cloud-land with streets of gold has to be gotten to willingly, but the scary-ass place full of fire, brimstone, and crooked lawyers is mandatory?"
Her: *blank stare*
Me: "You know that doesn't make any sense, right?"
Her: *blinking* "Er."

I shouldn't have conversations when I haven't been to bed in two days. Another such conversation followed my playing The Sperm Song for Carolyn - she'd never heard it before.

Her: "I never thought about why you're not supposed to masturbate."
Me: (I had been eating, and nearly choked, so I had to prevent this first, but then...) "Huh?"
Her: "Every sperm being a potential human and all."
Me: "Wha?"
Her: "You're not supposed to masturbate because it kills potential babies."
Me: *blink, blink, collapse in moment of hysterical laughter* "You're a nutbag, you know that?"
Her: "No, it's like abortion. You're not supposed to because it kills what might have been babies."
Me: "Um, actually, no."
Her: *stare*
Me: "Two halves, you know? And only one usually makes it, anyway."
Her: "It's about the potential!"
Me: "Ye gods. You should have been in the Crusades. You'd have been the world's first kamikaze pilot, but without the plane."
Her: *glare* (She doesn't like the Crusades.)
Me: "If you're going to count individual sperm, now, you might as well say that you shouldn't drink acidic things because you might destroy prime cells that might, "potentially" have been cloned into human beings."
Her: *badly-concealed look of horror* "Ah, but cloning's wrong."
Me: *smirk* "It's the same logic! Exact same!"
Her: "No! Cloning doesn't count!"
Me: "Pshaw. It's exactly the same thing. You know it is."
Her: *vague sputter*

I think at this point we were distracted by X-Files - Keltie and I got through the entire first season from Wednesday night 'til about three yesterday (now) afternoon. Whee. Excpet now we don't have season two, which is my favourite, and she thinks she might die before Space cycles back to the second season. They're on four right now.

But Keltie's beginning to understand proper obsession. It's fun. She's one of us, now... *maniacal laughter*

There's a Babylon 5 movie that I didn't see. A NEW one. That I didn't see. With Rangers. That I didn't see. I feel so cheated. And deprived. Stupid rotten Atlantic cable company. Bah. I miss my digital cable.

But I finally saw the Two Towers preview! A crappy downloaded version, but I saw it! My life is, for the moment, complete.

And now, tomorrow, studying.

Gonna die. Gonna die. Gonna die...

Oh, Lise? If you're reading this, here's something just for you... my dad is trying to back out of picking me up, since he didn't get around to checking the van out until YESTERDAY, and now he says it can't make it. And he doesn't want to spend the cash a plane ticket would cost, and he wants me to BUS HOME. On a BUS.
My dearest, most wonderful cousin in the whole world, if he persists in this little idea of his, would you please hunt him down and explain to him why I cannot, mustn't, and WON'T bus home? Please? Please? I don't want to bus home... no, no, no.. o.O

Erk. Three AM. When did that happen?

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