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Mum woke me up at 11:30 and tells me I have a dentist appointment at 12:30. I had told Grampa I was going to come mow his lawn at twelve, because he gets dizzy easy, and I just promised, that's why.

Mum didn't think to remind me even *once* that I had to go to the dentist... note: I *hate* the dentist's office... I really, really do. No warning makes for a cranky Ari. No breakfast also makes for a cranky Ari.

*And* I felt all queasy for hours, probably because I didn't have any breakfast. But I did eventually get to Grampa's, and he gave me a full-length mirror which is nifty, because he's moving and is trying to get rid of stuff he can't take with him to his new place. And he gave me ten bucks. That was nice.

Watching Sliders now. Just remembered why I don't watch Sliders... o.O

Told Disa I'd take her to Fanny's, but she's apparently napping and not picking up the phone... *considers evil thoughts*

...nah. I think I'm too attached to that arm.

Maybe I'll go over there...

...right after I get Redrival to co-operate and upload my iconaddicts page... *grumble*

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