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Things to get done before the end of the year...

Before Tuesday:
1. Study Gaelic enough to pass the oral by skin of teeth. Cry.
2. Finish re-reading Frankenstein (damn you, Mary Shelley! And just for good measure, damn P.B. Shelley too!)
3. Go over my notes for Paradise Lost. Again. Then burn them.
4. Go over some Wordsworth.
5. Go back in time and beat Wordsworth about the head and shoulders with his own shoes.
6. Use Sparknotes to re-acquaint myself with King Lear. Again.
7. Visit Sparknotes for all the other stuff I've just not gotten around to reading this term.

For Next Friday:
8. Do as much of the Sociology reading as possible.
9. Do as much of the PoliSci reading as possible.
10. Cry some more. Possibly get drunk. Or as is more likely, watch others get drunk and laugh at them. (Ooh! X-Files drinking game! ;)

For the following Monday:
11. Read bits of The Mabinogi. Gods, I'm lazy.
12. Re-read all the Irish Myths I haven't absorbed yet.
13. Find some way to learn by osmosis.

And that Tuesday:
14. Study Gaelic again. Cry. Perhaps fail exam. Perhaps not.
15. Wish belatedly that I *had* figured out how to learn by osmosis.
16. Finish packing. Wait for Dad. Subject him to campus food.
17. Blow this pop stand. ;)

Ugh. Tired of school.

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