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Yyyyyyeeeees. When we said “this sytem is a pilot, it could be terminated at any moment, SO YOU SHOULD KEEP BACKUPS,” what we actually meant was “treat this as permanent and you don’t really need to keep backups of your Incredibly Important course videos that are integral to the course you’re teaching, and absolutely when, in accordance with our institution’s CLEARLY STATED, PUBLICLY AVAILABLE DELETION/RETENTION POLICY, which says that stuff will be deleted after one year unless you tell us not to by tagging it correctly and btw we’ve sent you at least three emails saying ‘okay, we KNOW some of you don’t tag shit properly and have videos on here that you want to keep anyway, so you have until THIS DATE to contact us and let us know so that we don’t delete it,’ all of which you’ve ignored, you should call and scream at us because, ASTONISHINGLY, your stuff has been deleted, blame us, it’s obviously our fault, why should you be responsible for the maintenance of your own fucking content.”

So now I’m sitting here trying to figure out just how long I can stall on calling back this instructor, who repeated “well, I don’t have any backups” about six times, like this was something I should have considered beforehand and not her own stupid fault because she couldn’t be bothered to read documentation or read her fucking emails, and telling her “sorry, your files are gone, you were warned repeatedly, not our problem.” Because I’m pretty sure we’re not capable of retrieving deleted files. I mean, I’m not 100% sure, because somehow, in all this time, in academia, we’ve yet to have a case of anyone stupid enough to both fail to keep backups of videos being hosted on a pilot streaming media platform (it’s no longer in pilot, and NOW everything they’ve ever uploaded is accessible to them pretty much forever and can be deleted and managed by them, which in the future will be lots easier, but there’s still three years of backlog stupidity just waiting in the wings) AND failing to acknowledge the warning emails as necessary, yes, it’s a miracle, so we have no policy for either retrieving shit or informing people shit cannot be retrieved… idek, guys.

So far my plan is “until I finish this cup of tea.”

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