Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

My morning so far

Other Department Head: So you know that fake course full of garbage textbook-publisher-created course materials that everyone in our department has access to? They've finished updating the content for the coming semester.
Me: Oh, okay, so I'll just replace the existing course content in the active course with the new material, just like we've done the past three semesters. Easy!
ODH: Actually, could you unnecessarily create an entirely new course to copy it all into and then add every single member of our gigantic department to it, and also change these 27 incredibly tedious and also unnecessary settings for us?
Me: ... uh, okay, sure, I guess so, though you know you can enroll people yourself?
ODH: I don't have time to do that, because even though the materials updating was finished two weeks ago, I can't be bothered to check my email when I'm off-campus, even though I'm on professional development leave rather than vacation and also I have hands with the manual dexterity of pineapples.
Me: Okay but, I mean, both me and the evil publisher rep sent you like thirty emails about this, asking for input. Also literally everyone else is in a rush now, because we're a month out from Fall semester, so...
ODH: And could you get a move on? Chop chop. Time crunch.
Me: *heroically does not murder anyone*
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