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when your job is insanely specific to one niche in one

I wish that software documentation wasn’t by necessity so context-dependent, because if it weren’t I’d be able to fully convey HOW AMAZING I AM AT WRITING DOCUMENTATION, guys. I mean fuck false modesty. My documentation is EXCELLENT. Need to learn the ins and outs of a highly-customized learning management system? I CAN EXPLAIN THAT TO YOU. Want me to write a 32-page document that explains every common function of a popular media platform, information for which is readily available on Google, but of whose features we are only using about 50% and so we want to make sure users use OUR documentation instead of the vendor’s documentation and get confused because half the features seem to be missing? I’M YOUR GAL. Slicing, dicing, making screencaps like lightning, maintaining updates in three different places, maintaining continuity, updating links? THAT’S ME. I have written three entire documents this week for two different platforms for major updates taking place next week while I am on vacation and built ONE ENTIRE WEBSITE for an instructor seeking to post her entire course contents outside of the LMS so that students can access it after the course ends. I am on FIRE today.

also tired so so tired BUT SOON VACATION

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