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Today I have:recorded audio tracks for 11 tutorial videosupdated written versions of 2 tutorial...

Today I have:

recorded audio tracks for 11 tutorial videos

updated written versions of 2 tutorial modules

sent 9 emails

assisted 6 instructors for a rough total of 1.5 hours

written and formatted 5 WordPress pages and copied out the code versions to file for someone else to paste in and while I’m on vacation next week during a go-live for our LMS

set up web conferencing accounts and done phone walkthroughs of the software for 2 instructors

written two completely new tutorial modules from scratch for another platform whose go-live is also during my vacation

Today, Loud Co-Worker has:

showed up 2 hours late because of a “household emergency” (the first time she’s showed up to work this week)

gossiped on the phone, all morning, with her friend in another department (about her various medical problems)

passed off five incoming phonecalls from instructors to me because she “isn’t the expert” on that particular tool/application

finished the milk, delaying my morning tea for two hours until I found the time to schlep down to the cafeteria to buy more, even though it was her turn

finished the TimBits the nice cafeteria ladies gave me for free because I “looked so tired”, 75% which I had left out for everyone to share

attempted to pass off two appointments to me, despite the calendar stating that I’m booked solid for 90% of the day

gotten shirty at me when I told her I couldn’t take one of the above appointments because my “tone” was “unnecessary”

If today is the day I finally snap, you guys will be character witnesses at my trial, right?

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