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So my workplace is doing a big National Sweater Day event to test the waters for turning down the...

So my workplace is doing a big National Sweater Day event to test the waters for turning down the average workspace temperature on campus to 20 degrees celsius. “Wear more sweaters!” say all the cheerful employee newsletters. They’re doing this in an attempt to save money because the economy is garbage, basically.

And I mean, okay, sure, turning down the heat is a good method. At home I am mostly inclined to bundle up and keep the thermostat down, because heating is expensive and the downstairs neighbours, who have as much control over the whole house’s thermostat as we do, have it cranked up to 30 10 months out of the year and cost us a fortune and I am a creature of spite. 

But the thing is, the temperature in our office, and most places on campus, is supposed to be like, 21, 22 degrees right now. It never is in our office, and even in spaces where it is, I am usually cold. I am usually cold, period. Dear workplace, I am already sitting at my desk in two layers + knitted wool wrap for better than half the year. At home I would be wearing wooly socks and pyjama pants and my Ugly Sweater and bundled up in two blankets and be perfectly happy, but that’s not really appropriate work attire. If you turn down the temperature any more I might actually freeze.

Maybe instead of turning down our heat any further, you could work on fixing the extremely broken system we already have? You know, the one that completely fails to work consistently in any but the newest single building that was built to green standards? And maybe patching the huge leaks in the two oldest class/office buildings? I bet that would improve heating efficiency a fucking lot.

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