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Okay this will make sense to no one who doesn’t

Okay this will make sense to no one who doesn’t work a) in academia or b) with certain kinds of online course software and associated procedures but UGH.

This instructor, one of our problem children, sent in a request to have six of his courses merged into three courses. We do this a lot, especially if someone is teaching a half-dozen sections of the same course - it simplifies a lot of tasks on the instructor’s end. Because we do it a lot, and due to a variety of data security and privacy laws, we have a form and a set of well-established procedures for doing it. Basically, you must fill out a form, and correctly, or we won’t do it. 

This instructor has been told this, repeatedly. But instead of following the well-established, well-publicized procedure, every single semester we get an email with a dozen course names and some variation on the words “hey please merge these thanks.” Of course, we send back an email asking for him to follow the procedure, fill out the form.

So what does he do? He submits the form, but instead of filling it out correctly, he copies and pastes the list of courses for all three requests into the comments field.

When that email came in this morning, I said “you asshole” so loudly that my boss came over to see what was wrong. Then she read the screen and said “what a dick!” and told me that I had her permission to sit on the request until he made the fucking request correctly.

I sent back a painfully polite email telling him that we need separate requests for each merge, and that btw it will go much quicker if he just fills out the fucking form properly, as any preschooler could probably work out without being told.

What a dick. 

(But I love my boss.)

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