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I don't know how I managed to waste so much of the weekend. Have to write a research paper today... but at least it's for CeltCiv. Only eight pages. The prof is new. Finished grad school last night. Hah. Marks easy, too. :)

Went jogging last night, took a good, exhausting run. Halfway round my route it started raining, the pouring, impressive windstormy-kind. I got soaked. And then I got back to my room and was all ready for a hot shower, and discovered that someone, probably believing themselves to be doing a good deed, had locked my door on me. I'd left my keys behind because I didn't want to carry them running, and left my door unlocked.
Anyway, I had to go down to the security office and get myself let back in.
The run was still good. But now I ache. :(

Anyway, the "Argh" part. Mostly the paper, but also the following; I'm starving, and I have no food, and nothing's open in town, or on campus, because it's Sunday.
I hate Sundays.

And now I have to write a paper on an empty stomach.


New icon, though.

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