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Something new I wrote.

The stage lights come on, one by one
And the players step into the light
In their velvet and velveteen,
Satin and lace
And those bright-coloured ribbons
Tied onto their ankles
Sweat runs down into their eyes
When they're out there
And stinging, they stare out
Into their abyss
And they cry out their failures
And scream exaltations
For victories won,
And for valour's reward

Come on, I know
That you saw me
Standing there
And I think that you
Could have turned back
If I'd heard you
All of those chances
You had to say everything
When the lights were still on]

Five minutes
Until intermission
The man in the blue
Has a sword in his hand
The scene has been set
For a thousand years now,
And the ground's not quite shaking,
Though they wish that it was
And slowly yet surely
The music is playing
The background
And the people
They cheer and applaud
And it's quite bright and charming
But merely illusion
You're not meant to see what comes
After the curtain-call


The curtain has fallen
The stage has gone silent
No more ribboned ankles
To dance 'cross the floor
Tonight's not the first night
And tomorrow another
And others will come
And then, following, more
To fade to legend
When such things are gone
And the music forgotten
The show must go on


But the show must go on...

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