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…that travel mug I impulse-bought at David’s Tea earlier this week? Might be my new favourite travel mug. That position was previously held by this mug, purchased aeons ago from my favourite local tea shop, Shaktea:

It’s 100% leak-proof and keeps stuff burn-your-tongue hot for hours. You steep it by turning it upside down. I usually do the milk and sugar before adding leaves and boiling water, and you remove the entire lid/infuser assembly so you dno’t even have to tap out the leaves before drinking. Utterly reliable. Basically bulletproof, too. Dropped it down stairs at least a dozen times and it’s still going strong.

This one:

…does all that, but is half again as big. And has the David’s Tea Secret Tea Compartment in the lid, which the twelve-year-old in me deeply appreciates. It’s also got a filter above the infuser, between the leaves and the sipping part, so that you could, hypothetically, drink this without emptying the infuser and not get tea leaves in your mouth (I won’t, because stewed tea is not delicious, but you could).

Time will tell for how durable it is. I’ve never bought a David’s Tea travel mug for myself, only as gifts, but so far it’s holding up nicely. Also it’s really, really gorgeous. I really like their colours this season, even though I’m completely unenchanted by their Fall tea collection. (Pumpkin Chai is back, but Maple Sugar isn’t? Feh. And everything else contains almonds???) I’m generally pretty “meh” on David’s Tea’s actual teas ; I prefer strong black teas and I tend to find their black teas a little weak unless I double up on scoops (with a few exceptions - their Irish Breakfast is nicely powerful and their Salted Caramel, while not very much like salted caramel, is a lovely strong, burnt-sugar flavour; I’ve got another one I’ve yet to try, the Kenyan Tinderet, that is apparently quite strong), but their paraphernalia never fails to please.

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