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1. Harvesting from grow bags is SO EASY. 2. The haul. Potatoes...

1. Harvesting from grow bags is SO EASY.

2. The haul. Potatoes are magic.

3. All cleaned up and drying for storage (and some ready for potato and leek soup tonight).

4. Not pictured: the pitiful double handful of tiny failure onions and handful of raspberries which have abruptly decided to start producing after a whole summer of nothing, and the heap of leaves and tree bits and assorted storm detritus swept up from the back and front porches.

Harvested the potatoes this morning. The storm left bits of tree everywhere and tried to make off with our deck umbrella, but the garden came through all right. Only two teeny green tomatoes even dropped off. Very sturdy.

I love my potato grow bags. They only seem to grow in the bottom layer, which I can’t decide is due to the potato variety (Yukon Gold) or I’m just somehow hilling wrong?? Anyway next year I think I’ll get another three bags. This is way better than last year’s harvest, but it could be better, and it’s not like we can have too many potatoes.

Later on I need to go out and grab the onions I finally gave up and pulled up. They’re not very big but if I leave them out there much longer they’ll rot. Didn’t have very good luck with onions this year; they tripled in size from the sets and then stalled out. Next near deeper soil and more fertilizer, and maybe I’ll top-dress with the creepy bone meal like the instructions said .

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