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I just found out that one of the three other people who applied for my position (the one that was created as permanent specifically to keep me on) - specifically Aggressively Awkward Girl from our neighbour department - is actually already a permanent employee. Me? I'm a temporary employee, but I've been doing this exact same job for two and a half years. She's apparently been calling HR every couple of days to demand status updates.

So this is probably the reason the process has been held up for so damn long. The competition ended in April, but they're talking about not even doing testing until mid-June, which will be two months from the competition close date. They've already had to give me two one-month extensions, because my last contract ended in March. I'm way more qualified, but she's got seniority. As in, she's already got a permanent position. Whereas if I'm not rehired, I'm unemployed.

I know it's petty and all but I'm currently extremely annoyed with her. Like, JFC, you already have a job. This one doesn't even pay more than your current one. You apply to every permanent position that gets posted, which I know because you gossip about it to all and sundry. Leave mine alone.
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