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Fic (Teen Wolf): (In My Hand) The Golden Bough

(In My Hand) The Golden Bough | PG | ~45,000 words | Teen Wolf | Derek/Stiles

Summary: There are a lot of things Stiles has forgotten. Some of them by choice, because some memories are too painful and that’s what you do to survive; some of them because they were taken from him.

Notes: This story’s original title was “Stiles’ Mom Was Probably Also A Wizard (aka: NO STOP WHAT NO HELP FUCK YOU TEEN WOLF).” It remains so in my heart.

I’ve noticed that most of my stories in the last year or so come with a disclaimer of blame. A blameclaimer, if you will. In this case, those to blame include:

Everyone who laughed at me on Twitter/Tumblr when I first told them the original title of the story (including fiddleheadsalad, youinthebushes, tinyclaps, and the Laurens). Honourable mentions to hufflepuffia and sisygambis, who were probably enormously entertained by my suffering.

Special merit award to Lauren, who not only (along with Kim) betaed this story but after the initial rambling Tumblr post helped me name Stiles because apparently she keeps a list of unpronounceable Eastern European boys’ names (I didn’t ask) and encouraged me in the matter of Aunt Pearl because she is a shameless enabler.

And of course the ladies of Slash Report (especially MK) who are 120% to blame for dubconning me - and by extension most of my immediate RL social circle - into this fucking fandom in the first place.

I hope you’re happy.

(You’re all terrible people, so you probably are. :P)

I’ve tried to tag for warnings, but see the end of Chapter 1 for details and spoilers.

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