Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Karma points

You know how sometimes you're having a great day and you're like "uh oh, now something shitty is going to happen," and then you laugh?

Yesterday at work we did a major software upgrade. After months of prep and stressing over approximately one million reviews of implementation docs, we had all expected at least a few things to go horribly wrong. To our collective astonishment, it went like 97% perfectly. (YAY!)

After work and went straight to UPS downtown to ship my mum's birthday present, because I am an excellent daughter. (YAY!)

Then I went shopping for new running tights. And found some in my size that I genuinely liked! (YAY!)

And then I made my way back to the SkyTrain, only to find that it was extremely broken, crowded like the Olympics, pausing for up to 10 mins at every stop, and freezing multiple times between stations, including once right outside my stop, at a spot where I could literally see my apartment from the window. (BOO.)

So in conclusion, I think I broke the SkyTrain. (Sorry, Vancouver.)
Tags: life, vancouver, work

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