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Take that, Radio Shack.

Went to the mall (or rather the closest local equivalent) today to buy a CD adapter car kit thing. Decided this was a necessity, since I don't have cassettes, and I'm gonna be driving cross-country with my dad, and we'll require music, and I'm just not willing to risk being dependent on local radio stations. Especially on the prairies, where There Is No Life. So. Car kit.
Went to Radio Shack first - the only one they had was upwards of fifty bucks (in which case it would have been cheaper to buy a new discman that would come with the kit, which would have been mildly insane), and they didn't have it in stock, so they wanted to charge me ten bucks to order it.

Pbbbbt, I say.

So I went next door to Canadian Tire. Twenty-eight bucks, and I got a dollar of Canadian Tire money out of it.

Take that, Radio Shack. :P

About the road trip, I'm now making a semi-public announcement to Dex, JB, and other Toronto-dwelling organisms - Dad and I are going to be in Toronto for (I think) two days around April 25-27th. Around there. So if you lot are going to be around, let me know?

And now, seeing as I have a paper due Monday, I should begin research...

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