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White Collar 302 and also Ack, My Life

I am having a really hard time watching White Collar right now. Probably it's not just me.

Mainly because no matter how adorable the Neal and Peter treasure-hunting plot was in this episode, every time the over-arcing plot with the U-Boat and the art and Mozzie making plans and a treasure-cam comes up, I start yelling at the screen, things like "You are a terrible person!" and "Nazis. NAZIS NAZIS NAZIS."

Augh, show. Why must you be such an asshole? *headdesk*

On the upside, I kind of have an interview for a job - actually a writing assessment. (I don't even have the job yet and they're already giving me homework!)

Also I am nearly done the last piece of my cardigan before blocking, sewing and finishing.

Furthermore, The Listener is excellent, and you should all watch it. Psychic paramedic! Set in Toronto! Millions of shots of the CN Tower! Earnest Ennis Esmer! Consistently kick-ass female characters! Fun for all. Unfortunately it's a Canadian show, which means that like shows made by the BBC, its release schedule is typically rather sporadic. The next season is slated to be out "some time in 2012," which is unfortunate mainly because I am already done watching all the episodes there are. In fact I am starting to feel like I have watched all the shows. I either need a job soon or more TV to watch or I really am going to lose it. (Yes, that was a plea for Shows. Something with magic or spaceships would be ideal. The more obscure the better as that will increase the likelihood of my not having already seen it.)

I suppose there is always fic. Tonight I am going to make a serious start on my mcshep_match story, really I am.
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