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eBooks: question for the group:

So, I have a Kobo e-reader. I love it dearly, I do. But I also occasionally read books on my phone via the Kobo for Android app. Now, Kobo is fabulous for public domain and titles I've purchased, but it can't do library books - which means that I have to use OverDrive for Android, and I kind of despise it. Also it's kind of buggy about saving my bookmarks, which is something Kobo does very well. I also use my Kobo e-reader for original files, which the Kobo app can't handle. I have been using Calibre as a solution for keeping my non-purchased titles together and sort of synced, but while it keeps the collection synced, it doesn't save bookmarks - Calibre Library can't read the titles, only download them, and I use Aldiko (which can load DRM but not sync bookmarks) to actually read the books. Same problem with bookmarks. Obviously this is a bit of a mess.

So, I appeal to you, fair Internets! Does anybody know of a desktop/mobile app that has an Android version and can handle all of the following?

-licensed (purchased) books
-public domain books
-original ePUB files of various stripes
-a bonus: library books (though there are ways around this, obviously)
-AND sync bookmarks across platforms?

I know there's probably no such thing, unless you have an Apple device. Sigh.

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