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My Day.

1. Get up. Shower. Eat a bagel and some yogurt.
2. Stare despairingly at unfinished homework. Hate my reference prof a little.
3. Go to yarn shop. Find out that the yarn I need is out of stock. Put my name down to be called when it comes in (which should be "within the next two weeks," argh).
4. Meet a friend for tea. Yay!
5. Get on a bus to trek out to the new location for our local post office, 30 blocks south of my apartment (32 minutes).
6. Wait in line at the post office with seven other people, all of whom are as puzzled as I am by there being only one person working the counter who doesn't seem to actually know where anything is.
6a. Insist to postal worker that no, in fact, this package is not mine. This package is for someone named Eunice Li. Do I look like a Eunice?
6b. No, really. That's not my name. This is why you asked for my ID. The ID you didn't really read.
6b. Receive package which, apparently, could totally have fit in the mailbox at my building, so really my mail carrier is a bastard and there was NO REASON for this ridiculous trek.
7. Go to catch the bus back to my apartment.
7a. Wait 17 minutes for bus.
7b. Watch nearly-empty bus sail past me without stopping.
7c. Wait another 12 minutes. Board bus.
7d. Take roundabout route back to my stop (26 minutes).

Basically, Translink and Canada Post are conspiring to ruin my day today. Also Twitter banned my Twitter app, so I keep having to logout and log back in if I want to see all my accounts. Also, since the last firmware update, my camera keeps crashing.

HOWEVER, artemisiabrisol will be here tomorrow! Yay! \o/

Okay, now I really do need to do my homework. o.O
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