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Goodbye, 2010; you are dead and gone and I hope it hurt.

2010 sucked, didn't it? But that's okay! It's dead and we can dance on its grave!

This evening was spent in a tea party and watching episodes of Star Trek that involved time travel - specifically ones where the crew had to travel back in time and wear costumes, because mik100 and I couldn't decide if we wanted sci-fi or period drama, so we compromised! We only made it through Time's Arrow, because Kim and I kept pausing it to explain Enormously Complicated Next-Gen Backstory for the benefit of maelie, who then fled the scene to catch the last SkyTrain (and also escape the crazed Trekkies).

Also, as a welcome-to-2011 present if you are in the northern hemisphere, have a gander to the southwest - that bright red-blue-white twinkly thing is a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, here for a limited time until January 3rd. We thought it might be the ISS, but we pulled up the tracker and apparently right now it's somewhere over South America. Instead, it is a pretty, twinkly conjunction, so bright we thought it had to be something manmade, but no! I dragged out my old kiddie telescope (either a 9th- or 10th-birthday present which has stayed with me all these years) and got a proper look at it. SO. COOL. I was a massive space-geek as a kid, a geekiness that lay dormant for a long time until this summer's visit to Cape Canaveral. Some day I will have a proper telescope that is bigger than a foot long and I will have a crazy-person calendar documenting all the exciting pretty things visible in the sky on any given day. It will be AWESOME.

On January 4th, for example, we will be able to see the Quadrantid Meteor Shower during the New Moon. I may actually remember to watch it and everything!

Anyway. Dishes are done, Kim is sacked out on the couch - time to sleep. Hi there, 2011. Everyone is watching you. Don't fuck it up, huh?
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