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Two knitting projects done. Middlesis's stripy scarf is now damp and blocking and taking up much of the living room floor, and no matter how much you process it wet wool still smells like wet wool, if you were wondering. Also I have alpaca fuzz on everything I own. Alpaca fuzz is fucking insidious. It's like a green alpaca exploded all over everything.

Have used up every last one of my pins. Next order of crafting business: GET SOME GODDAMN BLOCKING WIRES. That way it won't take us twenty minutes to pin things down for blocking.

Anyway. Mum's cardigan to finish (oh god) and one more scarf. As soon as I figure out what scarf I actually want to knit. It's with chunky yarn, and there is a serious dearth of nice reversible lace patterns that don't look stupid with chunky yarn.

I need to sleep now. Perhaps it will have inspired me to something more specific in the morning. OR. Maybe knitting elves will do the work for me in the night (Dear knitting elves: I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH THIS. Seriously, have at.) and I won't have to.

Oh, hey! It's Friday. Meaning tomorrow is SATURDAY. When I get to sleep past 8am. AWESOME.
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