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Crafty Justice

So, all over the Translink system, there are these little signs – they popped up right before the Olympics and are still hanging around. They say “The world’s best pickpockets work here!”

Now, on the one hand, this seems a strange thing to boast about. Even though this is clearly a warning sign there is an unquestionable boasting note to it. On the other hand, British Columbia’s current tourism motto is “The Best Place on Earth!” As in, “We’re the best at everything! Even crime!”

On the SkyTrain to work this morning, a teenage boy tried to steal… well, I’m not sure what he was trying to steal, honestly, as everything valuable I had on me (my wallet and my phone) were in my coat pockets, but he tried to stick his hand in my bag. My bag is large, and was open, as it was full of stuff (my lunch, a book, my tea thermos (my AWESOME tea thermos – I’ll have to tell you about that later), etc. I knew he was standing way too close, but wasn’t aware of his intentions until somebody bumped into my shoulder, and I heard a muted “fuck!” from my right, and I turned my head to see a kid cradling his hand against his chest and glaring at my bag.

Riiiight, kid. It’s the bag’s fault you’re a budding criminal.

Also in my bag? My knitting, which I’ve been carrying around for several days now as I knit madly in an attempt to finish holiday presents. The needles I’m carrying today are a hefty 10mm bamboo Crystal Palace set, which I’m using to finish my sister’s stripy scarf.

I hope you’re permanently scarred, you little punk.

ETA: I'm listening to a Dragonflight audiobook - I got the entire series out of the library last week in anticipation of this week's million years at work - and the reader is pretty good, EXCEPT. He keeps mispronouncing "bronze."

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