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It's been a while...

...but they're still alive!

The one on the far right is being a whiny little brat, and I'm not sure why, but for the most part the tomatoes seem happy and enthusiastic about life. They're also budding. Not sure if I'm going to let any of them keep the buds this time, as I think I want them to get bigger before they try to fruit, but in theory, anyway, I will have tomatoes this winter! That I grew from seed!

In other, not-so-awesome news, our stupid Strata decided to turn off the hot water for repairs. Without telling anyone or anything, so we woke up this morning with a gurgling noise rather than hot water coming out of the taps. Consequently I am buggering off to Mum's to use her shower, eat her food, and apparently fix the Internet, which the Shaw guy may have inadvertently broken when he was out there this morning to fix something else.

One more exam. Just one.
Tags: family, gardening, i weep for the species, life

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