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SGA Fic: Running Tally (G)

Running Tally | G | ~9,300 | for mcshep_match 2010, prompt: close to the mark.

The reveals and the results are out, so I can finally share my mcshep_match story with those of you who (and seriously, what's wrong with you, there are dozens of delicious stories, get over there!) haven't been keeping track of this year's posts. My entry was Running Tally, in which Atlantis is stuck on Earth, Rodney has broken up with his girlfriend, and yet John Sheppard is in a weirdly good mood. Rodney wants to know what's up.

("Have you noticed anything weird about Sheppard?"

Ronon regards Rodney thoughtfully. "He's happy. That's weird."

And trust Ronon to get right to the point.
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