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So basically my stance on the cross-posting debacle goes like this:

1. I have this journal and my chandri Twitter account; these are fandom accounts. I have always cross-posted fandom things between them with no aid from a ticky-box. This will probably not change.

I also have another blog, another Twitter account, and my Facebook, which have my real name on them and on which I do not use the word fuck. Much. As a rule I don't friend fandom people on FB unless I also know them IRL and they understand The Rules. I also only have about ten people friended on Facebook who aren't on a Limited Profile - mostly the aforementioned group and blood relatives who may at one point or another have been forced to proofread my adolescent ReBoot fanfiction and couldn't give a crap that I spend large percentages of my leisure hours fantasizing about boykissing on the Internets. These are the accounts that go on my business cards, so I don't use them to talk about fandom. This will not change either.

So basically, nothing will change. As long as we go on as we have been, and nobody goes around loudly linking my two identities any more than they already are, we're cool.

2. I'm kind of... not sure why everybody's freaking out? Beyond LJ's usual devil-may-care, let's-not-bother-thinking-this-through method of implementing sweeping site-wide changes in features, but that's not new or anything. I mean, the big concern is that strangers might be able to read your locked content, right? But... how can they do that if you haven't friended them? Even if you have linked, say, your LJ and FB accounts, and somebody cross-posts a comment to a locked post, can some random friend-of-friend-of-friend actually load the locked content? I don't know about you guys, but when I'm logged out of LJ (almost never) and I try to access an f-locked page, I get a great big YOU SHALL NOT PASS sign demanding my login information. Has something changed or is there something I'm just not getting? I'd like to be able to opt out, too, but surely the immediate solution is just to NOT LINK accounts you don't want crossing over, to minimize the risks? Facebook's a pretty shitty platform for fandom-things, anyway.

Ah, well. If I weren't on vacation right now I'd probably be following this better and have some idea of why people were quite this pissed. Freaking out is a fandom cultural value. I often think of LJ as a slowly collapsing star. Something shiny and exciting, but also constantly in a state of impending implosion or explosion that will destroy planets and moons and everything in its path before collapsing into a black hole that sucks in all light and hope.

With porn.


The preceding metaphor brought to you by the fact that I visited Cape Canaveral today. It was FUCKING AWESOME.
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