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They need to hire better researchers.

I'm re-watching White Collar, while trying to finish my mcshep_match story. White Collar is awesome background noise, better than the hive-of-bees noise coming from the living room where I think the dog is watching the Brazil/Cote D'Ivoire match. (I don't know. I keep thinking I hear bees. It's weird.)

Anyway, there's this episode where this guy with an art collection gets shot, and they bring Neal in to see what might be worth stealing. Peter's walking him through the crime and Neal is going through the left-behind purse of a witness who's been taken to the hospital. He pulls out what later turns out to be a fake ID.

Now, there are several things wrong with this. One: when did BC get to be the fake-license-of-choice in TV-land? IS BC the fake-license-of-choice in the United States? I wouldn't know, but just about every fake ID I've seen on a TV show in the past year and a half has been from British Columbia.

Two: That looks NOTHING like a BC license. I suppose that often when making fake IDs one is mostly depending on the authority-in-question not knowing the real one well enough to spot a fake so one might not try too hard to make a good fake, but seriously. The picture's not even on the right side. TRY HARDER.

Three: If it IS the fake-license-of-choice, I seriously cannot think of a worse ID to try and fake. BC spends more money on its driver's licenses than any other province or territory in Canada. I know this because when I have to get my license renewed, I sometimes have to choose between that and paying my mobile bill. BC's licenses have twice to three times the number of security protocols of any other Canadian license. We had holograms before anyone else. Now we have layers of holograms and probably unicorns; I don't know, I haven't had to renew mine since they brought in the new ones, which are not nearly as pretty as the old ones, but whatever. Dear criminal underworld: try Alberta. I don't know what their licenses look like off-hand, but they don't even laminate their provincial healthcare cards so it's a safe bet they'll be easier than ours. Or California. That's the fake-license-of-choice up here. If it's popular it's probably popular for a reason.

Four: Why the hell is it in French? You might get French as the default language on a Quebecois license (I don't actually know - enlighten me if you do, French-Canadians.), or possibly Ontario or New Brunswick, but I don't think ours even have French on them. Actually, hang on, let me check.

Verdict: no French at all. I actually expected cereal box rules, but nope, all English. Dear TV-fake-license-ID-makers: learn to tell the east and west coasts apart. We are very different, and not just in our marijuana output.

Five: I'm almost completely sure that that address is a restaurant. At least it's got good ratings?

...yeah. Can you tell I'm procrastinating? It's going pretty well, I think.
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