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Weird science fiction collisions.

I've been watching Eureka, finally. Have gotten into it, and am enjoying it. Except, watching Vancouver shows is like Canadian Actor Bingo, Squared. Especially Vancouver sci-fi, which is Cubed, because Stargate actors keep showing up. A couple of episodes back it was Teryl Rothery, who was building what bore a remarkable resemblance to a Stargate. I swear, every Vancouver TV show is a running in-joke about the film industry.

Tonight's episode contains Michael Shanks. As an... artist? Alchemist? I don't know. Tool in a tank top. Don't get me wrong, I like Michael Shanks, as a person. It's just that when he's playing anyone other than Daniel Jackson, I suspect him of being Daniel Jackson, in disguise. And highly amused by the entire affair. And totally laughing his ass off at you once you turn your back.
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