Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Question for the group:

Considering selling the old and buying a new netbook. Since it seems to be all you can get on regular-retail netbooks, who has used Windows 7 Starter? Is it as shitty as it sounds? Is it really impossible to change the wallpaper? (And how ridiculous is that?) Should I be budgeting for an ($95 in Canada) OS upgrade? Can full-featured Windows 7 even run on a 1.66GHz processor? (Do not suggest Linux to me, I will cut you.)

Or should I just buy a 10-inch Eee PC and resign myself to XP for the forseeable future (which has never given me any notable problems)?

P.S. Dear Computer Retailers: It is 2010. Why can we still not sort by weight and battery life?

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