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Yes, it is three-thirty and I am still awake. But I am one of those people - I was almost done, so I didn't want to stop... and then it was three-thirty in the morning.

But now it's done!

Mostly, anyway. Apart from a hook-and-eye closure at the top of the zipper and possibly some topstitching along the top of the bodice (I haven't decided whether the slight poufiness is a bug or a feature). I rather like how it turned out, except that the fabric is a wee bit more transparent than I'd hoped. This is fine in the bodice, which is lined, but in the skirt... well. Let's say it's killing the mystery a little, shall we? Are there other sewing-people with ideas that don't involve a) slips or b) giving it an underskirt? Because I a) hate slips and b) ...think I actually do have appropriate underskirt fabric (not to mention probably enough of the Whim Fabric to make another dress), but I'm at that point in the project where I just want to be done, damn it all...
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