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I'd forgotten, now I remember again: for the second time this spring, the weather has gotten nicer for a long stretch, just nice enough to tempt me into transplanting things into the garden plot, and then rebounded into Freaky Spring Windstorm like the one that killed my first batch of pumpkin and zucchini plants. I had to run out onto the balcony to rescue things this afternoon, notably the tomato plant and other tall things - the wind snapped one of the sunflowers off mid-stem before I could get to it. *woe* Have not had the courage to go down to the garden today; very afraid that the cauliflower suffered a similar fate, and the lettuce was only just barely hanging on. I'll have to go down there tomorrow and see. Stupid volcano, stop destroying my garden! *shakes fist*

Well, I'll take my camera and document the carnage. That'll at least give me something productive to do with my frustration.
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