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Well, two out of five isn't too bad.

That is, of the five things I wanted to actually get done today, I got two of them finished. And one of them was a genuine work-thing! So that's good.

I also did productive sewing-things. I did get the Random Sundress done last night.

I'm kind of "meh" about it, but we'll see how I feel about it in a week's time. I did, after all, put it together more or less at random over a week. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it's "meh."

I also cut out pieces for the Whim Dress. Of the Whim Fabric of yesterday. And Christ, but I hate cutting out pattern pieces. It's always my least favourite part of any sewing project, and the reason I don't often sew or, when I do, I do random things pinned to a dressform and completed over a week. (Also, I'm impatient.)

But hey, it's done. Tomorrow I can procrastinate by actually sewing things together.

No, there is nothing exciting about this post. I'm starting to get the almost-bored, you-are-wasting-precious-time feeling, which is the feeling I usually get right before I become madly productive writing-wise out of guilt and self-loathing. (It's a process. It works for me.) This is particularly positive since this week I have to a) actually do some work for my online course, b) do a shitload of Expert Bullshit writing for my job, and c) write a mcshep_match story. That last one being contingent on my making it into the signups this year. *goes to set self a phone reminder*
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