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Plant rambing time!

I finally got some proper work done in the garden a couple of weeks ago, and the day before yesterday I planted about twelve cloves of garlic. I suspect I planted them upside-down. I'm not sure why I think that, but hopefully it will grow even if I'm right?

I'll do a post with actual In The Garden pictures soon, I swear.

Back on the home front, I've done some more furniture re-arranging with two new sets of shelves got from Mum. One went indoors to give me more space for the baby plants too little to go outside yet and also give them more sunlight, as before they were on top of a bookcase and probably not getting enough.

The top shelf is for the problem children who are only struggling along - if you end up here there's a 50/50 chance you're going to end up in the compost.

This shelf is where the whiny, delicate lettuce (it wants to be planted, but until now it's been too cold) and the BLOODY PARSLEY WHICH STILL HASN'T BLOODY SPROUTED go. And miscellaneous pots that wouldn't fit on the other shelves or I thought needed more light.

The third shelf is where most of the tall plants live.

You can see my sunflowers are doing well, though somehow two came up in a pot where I was sure I planted only one seed.

And the broccoli is... well, I don't know what the broccoli is doing, honestly. It's either doing not much of anything or wandering out of its pot. I thought broccoli was supposed to grow up. I'm not sure if I should stake it or...?

The tomato plant I caved and bought at the garden centre (half-hoping it could shame the home-grown ones into growing faster) a couple of weeks ago, though? Growing like gangbusters. It's grown almost an inch and a half since I bought it. I'm about to have to re-pot it for the second time. Is that normal?

Down here is everybody left over, including most of the tomato plants and the eggplants. I freely admit that at this stage I'm not one hundred percent certain which are the tomatoes and which are eggplant, but they both look pretty healthy. Look! The possibly-tomatoes are getting their second set of leaves! And the I'm-pretty-sure-this-is-eggplant are, too!

The second set of shelves went out on the balcony, which required some rearranging of the existing set of shelves, which was relocated to the other side. The chives now live on top. On the second shelf you can see the leeks, green onions, and cauliflower (cauliflower!) waiting to be planted in the garden.

And I leave you with Pekoe, sleeping contentedly in the sun.
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