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It's that time again!

Tiny plant time!

This weekend, with the weather getting warmer, we are finally doing something with our community plot, so I had to ready those that were going in the ground, move those that weren't into bigger pots, and separate the things I had planted too close together into their own spaces, all without killing anything.

I got a set of shelves from my mum that has helped considerably in making our balcony less insane-looking.

Namely, you can actually see the floor now, which is a nice change. I even swept!

A few days ago there was some sort of mass-seedling panic or something several plants just... died. One of my savouries, all the spinach (this was very upsetting!), and a lot of the broccoli. I gave several of the survivors away to Mum (mostly the big guys - one of the pumpkin pots and a zucchini and some tomato plants - in preparation for planting what I kept in the garden. So I've got quite a few less little pots and a few more big ones. Yesterday I separated and re-planted the eggplant, tomatoes and broccoli into as few as I could manage without killing anybody. This is what remains:

Actually that's not all of them, but they won't all fit on the table together. Here are some more of the eggplant with the recovering pumpkin - the pot took a fall onto the living room floor yesterday and had to be put back together. I hope they aren't dying, since they're going in the ground today one way or the other.

I run a very Darwinian garden, with threats and mockery and cutting the weak plants out while telling the surviving ones that this is what happens when you disappoint me. (I figure one way or the other the CO2 is good for them. ;) Anyway, most of them seem to be faring pretty well this morning. And those that don't will serve as an example to the others. Mwahaha.

This morning, with the freed-up pots and what potting soil I have left, I finally planted the parsley and some sunflowers that I picked up on a whim at the garden centre last weekend. I only planted six, as I'm running out of soil (if you can believe it - I bought a 32 litre bag last weekend!), and won't even be able to keep all of those.

Pink gloves are the roomie's - mine are rather boring and beige. But serviceable!

Going in the ground today are mainly root-vegetables and squash. That is, potatoes, zucchini and pumpkin plants.

There was also flower-planting done yesterday, at least by me...

And the roomie will be using her garden-space to plant a lot of little flowering plants.

Waiting for mik100 to show up, and then the three of us (plus possibly the dog) will be heading on over to the garden to see about our plot. (I will, of course, take more pictures. :))


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Apr. 25th, 2010 11:52 pm (UTC)
cucumbers and other big-leaved creepy viney plants begin crawling along the ground in an attempt to escape the pot they live in when they get to a certain size. My cucumbers started crawling about two weeks into life.
Apr. 26th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
That was part of the reason I Absolutely Had To plant them today - they were starting to make attempts on their neighbouring pots. We'll see if they survive the transplant. I apparently bought crappy potting soil for the first batch of seedlings, and every time I un-potted them they sort of fell apart in my hands. o.O
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