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Things are (still) happening!

Look, I'm just going to warn you now. There are going to be a lot of "Whee! Vegetables!" posts happening over the next couple of weeks. Until the semester ends I expect this to be just about the only thing keeping me remotely sane.

Great! Now, that behind us...

...more things are growing!

...everything is growing!

Most excitingly, I have a tomato shoot:

It's all by its lonesome right now, but look! Proof that there's tomatoes in there! Somewhere!

On April 2nd I planted a tray of miniature pots and six ordinary-sized ones. From the mini-pots, at least one specimen of everything is now sprouting, most more than one. The chives are now properly visible:

The spinach continues to explode merrily skyward:

Of the other pots, only one tomato is showing. There was a picture of a pumpkin shoot, but it was so small (basically a little white speck in the dirt) that it may in fact have been hallucinatory. I'll keep you posted.

And this evening I planted another tray of seeds I got Easter weekend while at Mum's. This tray includes summer savoury, sweet basil, thyme, zucchini, and eggplant (worth a try, right?). I also have seeds for parsely, but since I ran out of soil (need to get more Sunday, I think) and it's got the latest planting date, I left it out and will probably plant it next week, when classes are done and before I start my practicum.

The top of the bookcase presently looks like this (some time soon I'm going to have to try taking pictures of my plants while it's light out):

And in the next few weeks (probably more like next month) I'll put most of them in real, actual ground.

And hopefully the crows won't rip them all up. >:(

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got an Awful Business Class Report to finish before I meet with my illiterate charming group members tomorrow morning.
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