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Things are happening!

The sun was out! The sky was blue! I have only one more project to hand in and then this fucking semester from hell will finally be over!

But speaking of things from under the ground, my veggies are sprouting! So soon!

They weren't there when I looked a couple of days ago, and it looks as though they just exploded from under the dirt! This afternoon I re-potted some replacement indoor plants for the ones that did not survive the winter, and when I went to water the seedlings, there they were! (Which reminds me, I really need to plant the other seeds. And then find somewhere to put them. Oi.) Three of my four spinach pots are sprouting, and one of the chives (I can't remember which kind of chives. But I'm sure they'll be delicious anyway.)

In a couple of weeks, when classes are done, the roomie and I will be planting things for real in the actual ground in our community garden plot. It's going to be aweseome! And will hopefully distract us both from school stress and work stress.

And looming unemployment and homelessness. Sigh.
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