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I am the MASTER.

At procrastination. Yesterday, instead of writing my Awful Business Paper, I did this:

Present are seeds for: tomatoes (the four at left front), pumpkins (the two at the back), and in no particular order: Garlic chives, regular chives, spinach, and broccolli. Still need to get ahold of seeds for parsley, basil, thyme, zucchini, eggplant (worth a try, right?) and potatoes. Possibly Sunday, if the nursery is open. We get to pick a plot in the community garden today (well; the roomie picks a plot, as I'll be at work), and once these guys sprout, they'll be transferred there (except the tomatoes and the chives, which are staying on the balcony).

Now off to work, to poke at a website for seven hours (then come home and play in Photoshop in my jammies; I love this job).
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