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Seriously, this time...

To distract me from the ridiculous business class group project in which all of my group members have submitted their research with citations from unverified websites and WIKIPEDIA and that at some point this evening I am going to have to go and write the bloody thing...


We finally got a plot in the community garden! Which should be official by April, and I'm gonna grow veggies. At present I have seeds for: green onions, pumpkins, broccolli, spinach, two kinds of chives and cherry tomatoes (those last two will probably be grown on the balcony as they are happy in pots and love sun). I want to get ahold of seed potatoes for nuggets (Apparently you can buy these? In stores?), but I'm not sure what else there should be. Suggestions?

Keeping in mind that this is Vancouver, that we get super-hot summers and lots of rain and that full sun might be negotiable at best.


Okay. Back to watching Rosemary and Thyme and resisting sending extremely unkind e-mails correcting certain people's erroneous assumptions about proper research methods. But perhaps I'll make a fresh pot of tea first...

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