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It has been a hard month.

And being of English descent, we resort, in bad times, to tea. A prelude:

These are my contributions for tomorrow afternoon. Wee miniature scones and a recipe for "pizza pinwheels" that is the only thing I remember from the required cooking class we had to take in secondary school. (Mine, of course, are much more delicious than what Mme. Brown taught us to make. I use four cheeses.) I convinced artemisiabrisol to sacrifice one in order to photograph it with crabapple jelly and clotted cream that we can only find, evidently, at Safeway. (She was, it must be admitted, not all that difficult to convince.)

First day of work went rather well. New job consists mainly of walking two somewhat-beyond-middle-aged adults through the dark and scary Internet, giving a crash course on how to use Gmail, organizing files, mucking about with photostreams, translating from their web designer into English, that sort of thing. I work again on Tuesday. Basically this is what I do at home in my spare time, except now I'm getting paid. Hurrah!

...really looking forward to the tea, though. So glad this week is over. o.O
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