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I threatened to do this earlier in the week, and tonight I actually had time.

There are ads all over the SkyTrain system of the Olympic mascots doing various acrobatic things, always with Mukmuk, the Paralympic mascot, off to the side waving. As though he's been excluded.

Then I decided he hasn't been excluded; he's refused to participate on the grounds that Miga, Sumi and Quatchi are being RECKLESS and RASH and ENDANGERING THEIR PRECIOUS BRAINS.

(Go on, tell me you didn't look at the four of them and come to the exact same conclusion.)

And now this is ALL I CAN THINK, EVERY SINGLE TIME I see them. *headdesk*

That, and what happened to poor Mukmuk's other mitten.

It Starts officially tomorrow. My plans for the day include:

1. Sleeping in

2. Late breakfast

3. Possible free ice-skating at Robson Square and/or various other conciliatory we-are-sorry-for-invading-you activities being offered throughout the city.

We shall see.

ETA: This is either the most hilarious or most disturbing thing about the Games I've seen so far. I can't decide.

But they're a TEAM. Miga and Sumi like to go surfing and Quatchi's got tattoos and Mukmuk's got little minions and an ORANGE FLEECE HAT.

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