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The saga continues

I have FINALLY dragged artemisiabrisol into Babylon 5, after nearly two years of threatening to do exactly that. Now that I own the entire thing (Thank you, inexplicable Best Buy sale, thank you. *fondles DVDs*), my evil plan was much more convenient to everyone.

She has already voiced the concern that this show is going to ruin her for all other science fiction TV.


Mwa ha ha. ^.^

We have gotten through The Gathering (and beyond Laurel Takashima) and ended the night with 102, Soul Hunter.

(I had actually forgotten how fucking creepy I found the Soul Hunters.)

But this is great! I expect most of you have done this, where you drag somebody new through a show you love. It's kind of like watching it again for the first time. Also, she has threatened to liveblog the experience, which for The Gathering I expect to be thoroughly hilarious.

In other news, my battle with Rogers Wireless to replace my phone with something not dead-ended in Android 1.5 brickitude continues apace.

So, my solid month of wrestling with Rogers CSRs has led me to this point: an offer to purchase any phone Rogers is currently offering and be credited the retail price of my Dream, as an alternative to the Dream-To-Magic upgrade. The downside: all the phones Rogers is currently offering are shite. They only Android phone on their site right now is the LG Eve, which has even less internal memory than the Dream and has already been dead-ended, software-wise.

My new plan: confirm with the Rogers Office of the President that I can hang on to this "credit" until they release this, supposedly in February. It does not have a QWERTY (which sucks) but does have, for instance, Skype support and will get Android 2.1, so it's already better than the Magic is right now. I love my HTC Dream dearly, but I am seriously through with getting jerked around by Rogers. Apparently I no longer have to renew my contract, which brings me up to ending in June 2012. At which point I will be doing my very best to part ways with Rogers, hopefully with one of the new carriers that will hopefully have taken hold in Canada running WIND and offering direct-from-Google phones.

All of which is a roundabout way of expressing the sentiment of: Die in a fire, Rogers Wireless.

But not until I get my new phone.

Today, there was birthday yarn purchasing (thanks, maelie!). Tomorrow, there will be indescribably boring business class reading. (And more Babylon 5. Which is the only thing saving Sunday.) Next week will be my last full week of classes before the Olympics shuts down the city until the end of February. Only 47,987,034 things to do before then. *headdesk*
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