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And here we are.

Things are variously bought, baked, wrapped and shipped, wherever appropriate. I today received the nerdiest holiday card I have ever received (and please remember that the bar is set pretty high) from dexfarkin and deathpixie (thanks guys!) that made me laugh for two solid minutes and confused the hell out of my sister, who only sort of peripherally got the joke. I am at Mum's, about to assemble spinach dip and pizza pinwheels for when the relative horde descend on the house this evening with their many offspring and bottles of alcohol (we're equally pleased to see either). The tree is trimmed, the gifts are stacked (except for mik100's, which isn't quite finished o.O), and the dogs (five of them, at the moment) are all napping in various parts of the house. And finally, mik100's little sister had her baby the day before yesterday (a healthy 8 pounds), ensuring that he will never have a fair Christmas for the rest of his life. (Happy Birthday Bradley!)

Yes, it does appear to nearly be Christmas. And a happy that, or whatever else you like, or don't. :)
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