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*banging head on desk*

I hate today. Today SUCKS. Profoundly. For several reasons, which I will now outline.
One, it's the first day of Spring. Spring! You know, rain, birds chirping, green leaves and little buds on trees? Flowers? *Warmth*?
It's snowing. A *lot*. It's been doing that since around six o'clock this morning, and there's now close to two feet. All the public schools were given a day off today, though we've still got classes (something to do with over 80% of the student body living on-campus... damnit.). This is apparently the second-worst blizzard there's been since I got here.
I hate this province.
Second, I've decided that I dislike English 100. I hate that I dislike English 100. I hate that I'm starting to cringe at the mention of classical poets (though I had that reaction to Wordsworth before, and Frankenstein, ugh). I didn't last year. (Except Wordsworth.) I took all this stuff last year in AP, and as a consequence of X being the only university in the country that does *not* accept AP grades as first-year credits, I had to take it again - with a guy who's really just a Wordsworth/Keates fanboy, and happens to have written some poetry himself (that's why he's a prof - tenure and all that), but he's a terrible professor. Terrible. He makes everything so *boring*. I don't like being bored in English class. Makes me think I should check to see if I've got little spiny-things on the back of my neck like the aliens in X-Files. Then I think "no, I haven't been replaced by alien clones, he's just a bad prof, and stuff."
Third, the paper that I thought was due *tomorrow* was actually due Tuesday. I missed class on Tuesday. And have I got it finished?
Of *course* haven't got it finished. Damnit. It's on Milton. I don't particularly like Milton, either. I think all the classic poets are out to get me. Especially Wordsworth. And Dorothy. In that little boat. The only good thing I can think of is that I've already read Frankenstein. Uck.
Oh, why couldn't they have taken my AP credit? I could have just gotten a 95% credit, without having to take the class at all, or pay for it, and had my choice of either having a free class in which I could either do nothing, or take a 200-level course. That would have been nice. There was a Fantasy and Science Fiction course I was drooling over in September. But since the English Chair is an incompetent boob, no such luck.
I'm tired of school. Sigh.

Gods; I can't even see across the street now.

kimry says she sent me a package today. I have all sorts of lovely images of what is contained therein, and tomorrow after classes (and after I hand in my horrendously-late essay) I'm going to the post office. I doubt it will actually be there by then, but I'm going anyway. I'm expecting other stuff from Mum. (Oh, and her and Lil e-mailed me from New York last night. Around one. Lazy bums didn't get around to e-mailing me before then. Ah well.)
So someone tell me - is the overwhelming terror that failing to hand in a single essay will cause you to fail, thereby ruining your entire future a common delusion among first-year university students, or am I really as screwed as I think I am?
Must go write essay now. Stupid essay...


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Mar. 21st, 2002 12:40 pm (UTC)
No! Wordsworth is my god!
Oh! God! How the lovely spring like snow doth weep unto the ground
I spake to it, shall you not take me to a wonderous land, all filled with daisies?

[/end wordsworth rant]

Dude, Wordsworth is the dopest of dope. How often can you find a poet that ambles along rather amiably and then throws in a few "oh gods" into the thing and ruins a perfectly good poem?


And package is being sent today. I is a bad friend. But was working all day yesterday on movie for homework that is due today.

Go see my movie. Hee heee. You're probably the only one who can view it without waiting a long time. It's a 36mb download, quicktime file. Oh yeah, and the first minute is bars/black/slate, so move the cursor to the middle of the play bar, and you should be fine. Just find the black slate with white writing, and play from there.

The kitten is Shay's Gambit. :) Isn't he cute?
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