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Okay, so you probably know about, where on Christmas Eve you can track Santa as he travels across the globe. (In my opinion still in the top ten Reasons Why The Future Is Awesome.) Well, apparently on December 24th one can search for "Santa" on a Google-supported phone and see his current location (presumably this works with ordinary GoogleMaps as well).

Also last night I finally figured out how to sync all my phone's old SIM card contacts with my RL Gmail, so I never have to worry about tragically misplacing people's phone numbers and addresses again. There was, of course, an app for that.

The future? It is totally awesome. Especially the little green robot-y parts.

(It would be even more awesome if Rogers Wireless wasn't a bunch of lazy assfaces who still haven't gotten around to releasing the 1.6 or 2.0 OS update. And can't even answer the question of possible release dates when asked.


In other, less-awesome news, little Faildog has broken her Good Dog streak by a) throwing up supper at three o'clock yesterday morning, b) taking her revenge for only getting rice for supper by tearing up a ball of very nice yarn and c) throwing up tonight's supper just about an hour ago and proving that actually, rice was the way to go. (Unfortunately this means no solid food for her at all tomorrow, but now I don't feel as bad about it. I am beginning to suspect that all of her wickedness resides within her inordinately delicate gastrointestinal system.)

In other, edging-back-into-awesome news that is not about dog vomit, I have actually started the little-Rodney-trails-Jessica-around-Cabot-Cove-helping-her-solve-mysteries story. In the open Word document it is presently titled "Fisherman's Rib." I will at some point during the story find some way of making this relevant instead of merely adorable.

Um. Probably. ;)
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