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And it's DONE.

Xmas pressies have been mailed. Canadians, you will get your stuff by Christmas Day. Everybody else, two weeks-ish?

Attempt at buying jeans at the mall this afternoon was a dismal failure, but I got a pretty sweatshirt and am nearly done Christmas crafts (ONE MORE THING and then some wrapping) which is good, as there's only, oh gods, four days left.

And now I'm ACTUALLY GOING TO WRITE FIC. I'm at Mum's house, and we're sitting in the living room watching Murder She Wrote (artemisiabrisol gave me season six for Christmas), and just now, I totally heard my mother say "well, I can certainly see where Rodney got that look."

I can't decide if I'm traumatised or delighted. ;)

Tags: family, fic, seasons, sga, sga:sweater-verse

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